Can I be liable for hosting a garage sale?

Spring and the warmer weather is right around the corner and so are all those weekend garage sales. Whether you like driving around finding bargains, or you and your family and friends like making money hosting a garage sale. You need to be careful when selling off your unwanted items. Hosting a yard sale is an easy way to turn your unwanted items into extra cash, but it can also open you up to a lawsuit for selling that unwanted item to a stranger if that item has been recalled from the manufacturer and you didn’t know it. Could you be held liable? The answer is yes, you can be legally liable as it is illegal to sell items that have been recalled due to safety reasons. Believe it or not you should do your due diligence prior to hosting a garage sale and make certain that the items you are selling are safe and that none have been subjected to a recall.

Consumer Reports had a short article in their magazine this month indicating the importance of staying clear of selling some high-risk items such as bike helmets, children cribs, seats and other items that may present a risk to the buyer.

For your help in finding out if an item has been recalled Consumer Reports gave this information to the online search site it is it is better not to sell a high-risk item and take a chance of an accident occurring then accept that $5 or $10 for the item and open you and your family to a lawsuit. It may be far fetch to consider this type of scenario but it is better to be safe than sorry.


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