E-Scooters and You! What You Need To Know.

Electric scooters (e-scooters) are increasingly part of the urban mobility revolution. It is becoming easier to rent them downtown areas and big cities. They are fun to operate, inexpensive to rent or own, convenient, and easier on the environment.


Recently my wife and I were visiting San Diego and we noticed the use of E-scooters everywhere. What’s an E-scooter? It’s an electric two-wheel scooter that you can rent from just about anywhere in the city (San Diego). You log onto the application agree/sign the waiver of liability and indemnity provision holding the company harmless and off you go. The cost is very reasonable but the possibility of injuries to you or others is great.

As my Mom would say everything is just fine until someone gets hurt. So, there you are riding along the sidewalks,in the street, and you hit a pedestrian, scooter, or a car. Would you have coverage under your personal auto policy or even your homeowner’s policy? The answer is No to both policies unless you were smart enough to call you agent and ask him or her to add a “Miscellaneous type of vehicle endorsement” onto your auto policy but —-who does this?

Ok, so we don’t have coverage under the auto policy what about our Homeowners policy? Well, the homeowner’s policy has an exclusion for “motor vehicle liability this exclusion which is very board  would encompass the use of e-scooters.

Let’s look at the auto policy again, one would think that the e-scooter could fall under the definition of motor vehicle but it doesn’t as the auto policy has a standard exclusion for coverage for vehicles with less than 4 wheels. Now what do we do?

The only policy that may afford coverage is the Umbrella policy which needs to be reviewed as many of these umbrella policies are not standard in their use of their forms. So, it is very important that you read your policy or ask your insurance agent to confirm whether or not you have this coverage before you consider renting an e-scooter to get around the city.

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