A letter to our BAW Family.

As I write this blog , we as a nation our living through some very uncertain times.  Where can we go? What can we do? Is it safe? What the heck is social distancing?    These are all questions I have found myself wondering over the past few weeks.  As an Insurance Agency, there have also been several new realities that we have had to navigate through as well.  No more then 10 people in one area, all must maintain a distance of at least 6 feet apart, no client foot traffic in the office, communicating  with underwriters who now work from home. Many of our staff have had to acclimate to working 100% remotely— which for myself takes away my favorite part of the job, meeting with our clients.

While we focus on maintaining a safe environment for everyone, your insurance and financial concerns remain our #1 priority .   Please utilize our website for helpful links to carriers  as well as our Facebook page for updates.

We wish you and your families good health during these difficult times.

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