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Who’s the voice behind Siri?

  Ever wonder who the ladies voice is, well the other day while reading my Consumer Reports magazine Allen St. John wrote an article titled “The Real Voice Behind Siri” well like most of us IPhone users I was quite interested in learning who I was talking to. The person’s name is Susan Bennett who […]

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Invest smarter and retire earlier.

You saved and built a nest egg of $150,000 and you are working with a financial advisor or have it invested in mutual funds. You could be paying 1% in investment fees, which is typical for an actively managed account or paying higher fees then necessary to be invested in a mutual fund either way if you can cut […]

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What does Credit have to do with my driving?

The goal of every insurance company is to correlate rates for insurance policies as closely as possible with the actual cost of claims. If insurers set rates too high they will lose market share to competitors who have more accurately matched rates to expected costs. If they set rates too low they will lose money. […]

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Minimum Wage laws

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to better educate my clients and friends on frequently asked questions regarding Insurance, Finanical products and general business issues. One of the questions that just came up recently was the Minimum Wage Laws, during the campaign both candidates spoke of increasing the minimum wage. Currently, the federal minimum […]

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